My Story – Dr. Khoshdel

Professor Ali Reza Khoshdel, MD-PhD

Founder of Medicinna

My first experience of teaching was during my primary school when I was selected to be a teacher assistant for my classmates in the absence of our teacher due to his illness for 8 weeks. Since then, I have been enjoying contributing in several teaching, training, and education programs. 

My life as a medical student in one of the highest ranked Universities in Iran was greatly influenced by great professors who shaped my understanding of medicine and guided me to my responsibilities and duties as a doctor. We had organized the student research committee where a network of elite students collaborated for research and reciprocal education of whom many took positions in several universities and the Iranian Ministry of health.  I graduated from Medicine in 1995. My deployment as a doctor to serve in the district clinics did not deviate my way from education and led to a training program for nurse assistants and emergency technicians for 2 years in outreach. I continued my teaching experience as a lecturer in a military medical university for 5 years. Australia was my next destination for a PhD degree in clinical epidemiology. In the University of Newcastle, I had the honor of being educated by internationally renowned professors and extended my international network with many scientists worldwide and captured the essence of international research and educational collaborations. I came back home in 2006 to help our university for improvements in modernizing the higher education system.  After 10 years, the number of students doubled, postgraduate education students increased by 20 times, ongoing research projects amplified by 10 times and several research centers were generated in the university. Furthermore, international medical education was improved and virtual learning system was established.  Of paramount importance, several young generation medical practitioners had been disseminated across the country who continued the track for health system improvement.  

Although I was in the positions of the university deputy of research and education, Vice president and finally the president of the University, “teaching” is still my main favorite and most enjoyable job. After several years of working in academic environment, I believe that no mission is more important than effective education. However, effective education requires quality contents, attractive methods, proper time, prepared environment, selected learners and accountable system. This is why “lifelong learning” is our vision and “education beyond the borders” has been defined as our mission in MEDICINNA.


MEDICINNA is a hybrid name consisted of medicine (i.e. medical science) and Avicenna (The internationally well-known Iranian predecessor of medicine).  Medicinna is an educational platform as a part of Avicenna Mediversity. Here we provide post graduate medical education including conferences, workshops, courses and mentorship programs based on your academic specialties. We aim to improve professional skills and update the knowledge and practice of graduated individuals in order to improve medical services. Medicinna is supported by a large group of internationally well-known professors and join to several entrepreneurial bodies.